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Explore Durban underwater world

There is nothing more exciting than breathing underwater, feeling weightless. There is obviously something very special moving in the third dimension. Scuba is almost like walking in space. Neutral buoyancy  allows you to be completely weightless and move effortlessly through our Superb  reef and open water environments.

The fun fact is that anyone can become a scuba diver.  The Padi Open Water course, consists of five dive knowledge reviews which can be done online through Padi e-learning. The course incorporates 5 confined water sessions that is done in a pool. Here you will learn how the equipment works and how to achieve neutral buoyancy. Confined water is a fun environments with games and simple tasks to help you feel comfortable under water. The 4 open water sessions are done in the ocean and consist of a quick skill review before enjoying your dive with the rest of the group.

The open water course is extremely flexible and can be introduced around a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

If you are unsure if diving is for you and you would like simply try it first then the Discovery Scuba course is for you. This course is an introduction to scuba and consist of a pool session as well as on optional open water dive (if your up for it ).

Contact Melt at Ballito scuba for more information or schedule a course.